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Gemsona-Labradorite by Oboeplum
I was watching steven universe and I don't really do self-inserts these days but the character designs in SU are so cute and fun I had to make a gemsona (also I really fucking love gemstones).
Gem location:Right arm
Size:small and skinny (like ruby/sapphite but more noodley)
Weapon:not sure-something that shoots laser light or she has telekinesis or something
Fusions:none yet. somebody make a gemsona so she can have a friend.
Probably subject to total redesign. I am actually kind of pleased with her colour scheme, labradorite is a really cool mineral.
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So I've now watched quite a few animes, and I decided I'd write my thoughts on them here. For each one I'll talk about the premise, main character, other characters, plot, ending where applicable, bgm/theme tune, and finally aesthetics. Here goes!

Pokemon-original series
I've been watching this in bits, mostly on the pokemon tv app. The premise is simple-it's an anime adaptation of a popular mons series. Can't really go wrong, and it doesn't. Main character? Make him go awaaaaaay he's really thick and obnoxiouuuuus. The rest of the characters are okay, and team rocket bring a lot of humour especially later on. The plot's slow and fillery early on but you can't expect much from what's essentially a glorified advert. The theme tune is, well, the theme tune. What more can I say. As for aesthetics, the animation is bad. Really, really bad. Character design is less detailed compared to other works of that time. Overall it's sweet and funny, but not exactly high class

Hetalia-World series and axis powers
I watch this occasionally, but the short episodes make it a bit of a hassle. The premise is great, and would be really handy if I were taking GCSE history. My best use for it is as a comparison with Scandinavia and the world, a similar idea but written by a european and lacking an anime adaptation.The characters are very exaggerated but I guess that's what makes it funny. The plot is just taken from real life events so it's predictable (except in world series because I never learnt that bit in history) but that obviously can't be helped. I don't even remember the soundtrack at all so I'll move on to aesthetics. The animation and backgrounds look really low budget and that's all I shall say on the matter. I'll stick to the webcomic.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

I finished this in three days but thats no criticism, if anything it makes it better. The premise may deter potential viewers-it's yet another magical girl show, and this one's on LSD. And then you find out it's a seinen. And a mega deconstruction. Cool. The main character is a bit childish, but it provides a good contrast with the dark and edgy settings. The rest of the characters are very well developed and likeable but flawed, so they're realistic. The plot is cliché  early on, but it's because it's a deconstruction and later becomes well paced and very dark, and beautifully original, with the ending bittersweet and satisfying. The soundtrack emphasises the drama in it and also happens to be absolutely beautiful. The animation is good, the character design is good and the plush style provides a funny dissonance, and imma stop this review because it's turned to gushing. Best anime I've watched ever.

Naruto-Both series
This was the first anime I watched, and it probably wasn't a good starter. My expectations for anime are now...rather low. The premise is basically ninjas, and it's as cliché as it sounds. The main character is your typical shonen idiot hero, basically a staple of shonen battle series. He's a prick. As for the rest of the cast, who are equally flat, this anime gets a special mention for having the only antivillains I really don't like and the closest thing to a byronic hero that I detest-sasuke the whiny cock. The plot is interesting, but it's draggy and cliché. I haven't finished the series and habe pretty much given up on it. The music is nothing special for the most part, and the pieces I do like soon become intrusive. The animation was good but simple, at least until they switched to cgi for battle scenes and then it went to hell. If the show was a pile of crap it wouldn't have any fans, but I just don't think its for me.

Pokemon-Black and white 2 episode N
This miniarc gets its own section here because pokemon has changed a lot since it started. Instead of craling around the seedy back alleys of the internet, I "watched" this via screenshots on filb, which was interesting to say the least. The premise is basically 'team plasma finally show up and the good guys fight them'. Sounds promising, reeeaaaaal promising... I'm not gonna re-talk about ash, he hasn't changed in ten years so I'll talk about N in this bit. In the games he's an interesting and well developed antivillain that really makes that generation for me. In the anime he is not. He's flat, uninteresting, and the anime really goes out of its way to show he's most definitely a good guy. The other characters aren't much of anything and cilan is a prick who needs to fall off a cliff. Fotunately he has about three lines in 13 episodes. The plot is good when it's not filler, though it's dragged out and could be fitted in 6 episodes. The ending is meh really, a bit crappy for such a long setup. The animation tends to switch to cgi that's so egregious that I can tell it's there just in the screenshots. Bluuuurgh.

Fullmetal alchemist-First anime
I watched this because I wanted a new anime and it was easy enough to watch on youtube. Wow. the premise didn't grab me straight away-Alchemy exists(but it's a science) and our amputee protagonist is looking for the philosopher's stone-but I'm glad I watched it. The main character is blissfully refreshing compared to the idiot heroes of naruto and pokemon- he's an interesting well developed badass antihero. The other characters are okay I guess, and the antagonists are well developed. The plot completely geckoed out from the manga and has a totally different ending, but it moves along at a nice speed. The ending is sad and not paticularly satisfying but thereis a follow up mmovie I haven't watched. The BGM and theme tunes are nice and not too intrusive. As for the animation? It's pretty good for its time, and really steps up for the battle scenes. A good anime all round, I think.

If anyone disagrees with my thoughts, feel free to comment and say what you think. If you want, do your own reviews like this and send me a link. I'd like to see what you think!


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